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Intersect Ray Polyhedron Flag

Class full path: NemAll_Python_Geometry.IntersectRayPolyhedronFlag

Bases: IntEnum

Flag for determining the best result of ray-polyhedron intersection

allow only intersections with lambda >= 0

prefer the smallest one

eNegativeIfNoPositive : allow negative intersections, but only if not positive intersection can be found prefer intersections with lambda close to 0 (i.e., prefer -1 over -2) eNegativePreferred : search for the intersection with the smallest lambda prefer negative over positive, prefer -2 over -1 (this is a simple linear comparison) eSmallestLmabda : search for the intersection with the smallest lambda


eNegativeIfNoPositive = 1 class-attribute instance-attribute

eNegativePreferred = 2 class-attribute instance-attribute

ePositiveOnly = 0 class-attribute instance-attribute

eSmallestLmabda = 3 class-attribute instance-attribute



get the item for a key


Name Type Description Default
key str | int | float

value key



Type Description

value for the key