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Release Notes

Allplan 2024-0-4

Allplan 2024-0-3

  • New extensive article: geometry operations including tips and how-to´s for e.g.:

    • Quantity take-offs
    • Boolean operations
    • Brep tessellation
    • and more...

    Examples for the above mentioned article are available under:

    • ...\etc\Examples\PythonParts\GeometryExamples\Operations
  • New extensive articles about reinforcement covering topics, such as:

    Examples for the above mentioned article are available under:

    • ...\etc\Examples\PythonParts\ReinforcementExamples\BarShapes
    • ...\etc\Examples\PythonParts\ReinforcementExamples\BarPlacement
    • ...\etc\Examples\PythonParts\ReinforcementExamples\Labels

Allplan 2024-FCS

  • A PythonPart can now trigger some action, when being deleted. See the implementation of the execute_pre_element_delete function in the example located in etc\InteractorExamples\General\PythonPartConnection
  • The new class DrawingTypeService gives the control over the currently selected drawing type.
  • The method Rearrange has been extended with additional options to fully control the rearrangement of rebar mark numbering.
  • The new method LocalCoordinateSystem enables you to show a coordinate system symbol as a preview.
  • It is now possible to use a $ placeholder in the .pyp files included with the #include statement to create correct references. Refer to this chapter to learn more.
  • In a Standard PythonPart, the layer of the PythonPart itself was changing to the current layer after the PythonPart was modified. This has been fixed now and the PythonPart preserves its layer.