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Properties objects

Common Properties

Defining <ValueType> as CommonProperties creates input controls for the selection of format properties like pen, line and color. The return value of the parameter would be a CommonProperties object

Parameter CommonProperties

    <Value></Value> <!--(1)!-->
  1. Leaving this tag empty initializes the palette with CommonProperties object with the current format properties.
  2. Setting a value in this tag will result in combining the text with the default text of the property.

Hide individual control

To hide an individual control of the parameter, include the <Visible> tag and specify the control name followed by a colon : and the boolean statement. Separate the expressions for each control with | like this:

Control name

  1. Following key words for the control name are allowed:

    • Stroke
    • StrokeByLayer
    • Pen
    • PenByLayer
    • Color
    • ColorByLayer
    • Layer
    • DrawOrder


Using the <Enable> tag is not allowed


For the complete usage see the example CommonProperties located in:

  • ...\etc\Examples\PythonParts\PaletteExamples\Properties\CommonProperties.pyp
  • ...\etc\PythonPartsExampleScripts\PaletteExamples\Properties\