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Catalog references

Defining the <ValueType> as xxxCatalogReference creates a regular Combo Box, but with predefined values from the Precast catalogs. Depending on the provided <ValueType>, the values are read from a corresponding catalog and put into <ValueList> during the palette creation by the PythonPart framework. This ensures that the user can choose only from the options available in the Precast catalog.

Parameter Precast ConcreteGrade

  1. Replace this value with the desired catalog - see table below.

The return values are strings1. The available catalog references, which can be set to the <ValueType> tag, and the corresponding Precast catalog, from which the values a read, are listed below:

Value type Corresponding Precast catalog
FactoryCatalogReference Factory Catalogs
NormCatalogReference Standards Catalog
ConcreteGradeCatalogReference Concrete Grade Catalog
FixtureCatalogReference Fixture Catalog
InsulationCatalogReference Insulation Material Catalog
BrickTileCatalogReference Brick/Tile Catalog
PrecastElementTypeCatalogReference1 Element type catalog


A parameter of type Fixture will return three combo boxes to choose the path, file and fixture element from. The returned value is a FixtureProperties object.

Parameter Fixture

    <Text>Point fixture</Text>
    <Value>FixtureProperties(PathShortcut(Office<!--(1)!-->)Group(Deckendosen)Element(E-Dose groß))</Value>
  1. Alternatively set this property to Project or Private to point to PRJ or USR directory respectively.

  1. The parameter type PrecastElementTypeCatalogReference will return an integer pointing to the corresponding precast element type