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Intersection Ray Polyhedron

Class full path: NemAll_Python_Geometry.IntersectionRayPolyhedron

Intersection result of the ray - Polyhedron3D intersection


FaceIdx: int property writable

face index of the face of the best intersection (if found, not unique) beginning from 0

FaceNv: Vector3D property writable

normal vector of best-intersected face (if found, not unique)

IntersectionPoint: Point3D property writable

intersection point (if found)

Lambda: float property writable

ray parameter of returned intersection (if found)

RetCode: int property writable

0: no inters.,

1: pos. inters. found,

-1: only neg. inters. found



Copy constructor


Name Type Description Default
element IntersectionRayPolyhedron

Element to copy



Convert to string